Nov 112014

Being a busy professional woman with young kids, I always find it difficult to prepare goodie bags and write thank you letters for my kids birthday parties. Kids who come to other kids’ birthday parties expect to receive goodie bags, which are beautifully packaged junk food and cheap toys. In addition, after the birthday party, the birthday kid (parents often need to do most of the work) needs to write a Thank You letter to each kid coming to his party, thanking them for the birthday gift. The goodie bags and Thank You letters not only takes a lot of time to prepare, but often get discarded by the receivers within a day or two.

I have been thinking about a better and easier goodie bag and Thank You letter solution, and Amazon came to the rescue!! Search “ Gift Cards, Pack of 20 cards”, and you will see a list of gift card options, e.g. 20 plastic gift cards in a paper card that says “THANK YOU”. If the denomination of each card is $5, ordering 20 cards will only cost $100, and you get the plastic gift cards and the Thank You cards for free! So I have the kids write out their Thank You card to each kid before the party. At the end of the party, we give each child a Thank You card with the gift card, and we are done for both goodie bag (isn’t a $5 Amazon gift card better than a bag of junk food and cheap toys?) and Thank You letter all together!!