Jun 052013

Earlier this year, I “read” a book called “Women don’t ask“. It pointed out many of the social perceptions of women and injustice done to women. While the book objectively listed a lot of problems, I feel it is a little lacking in offering solutions or advices. I was only able to tell myself, “I am lucky to have two son, so don’t have to worry about them on this issue”.

This week, I started to “read” Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” and about half way through. Wow, she is really good at not only pointing out the problems, but offer so many solidly good advices! I am still on Chapter seven, but have already learned so much about mentor / sponsor (you have to earn it organically by demonstrating performance and potential), learning and getting good feedback. Want to put the post now, but will certainly update it when I finish the book. A lot in the book don’t just apply to women’s career development in business, but to any aspiring professional. Love to read books from people who have a heart to change the world for the better!

P.S. Through Sheryl’s wikipedia page, I found a link to her blog on how Larry Summers supported improving women’s economic and social status. It was a really good article too, and made me appreciate Larry Summers more. Frankly, I feel that Larry’s speech which lead to his resignation at Harvard was caused by unfair propaganda in the first place. Besides we should really look at what people do more than what people say. New found respect for both Sheryl and Larry!!