Apr 132013

Today I stumbled on my colleague Wei Wang’s recent developed data analysis and mining pipeline called STAR. It is pretty comprehensive. More interestingly, it reverse engineered the stem cell gene regulatory network. The method of their method is described in their recent NAR paper. Their method integrates motif analysis at stem cell promoters and enhancers based on histone marks, knockdown expression data, and more importantly literature evidence (from free text) of regulation. I tested a few genes, and the results are quite amazing. This is a solid piece of work. A toast to scientists who really bite the bullet to do the right thing, like Wei Wang and Josh Stuart (Paradigm).

Apr 072013

Came to AACR yesterday, and attended 4 tutorials yesterday, on recent development of immunotherapy, epigenetic regulators, noncoding RNA, and combination cancer therapies. It was a very exciting day to hear all the new development, and raised a lot of hope for a cure for cancer. This also added many new papers to read in my Papers library.

This morning at the award ceremony, AACR honored Katie Couric for her effort in raising public awareness of colon cancer and colonoscopy. It is amazing that journalists like her could really mobilize the public and drastically increase the rate of colonoscopy.

AACR also inaugurated the first class of AACR Academy Fellows. I know many of the people and their work, but not all. It would be fun to read about these fellows as well as their work, I am sure I will learn a lot about cancer.