May 062012

My husband recommended me to check out the Kahn Academy. The founder, Salman Kahn, a graduate of MIT and HBS, started tutoring his cousin and decided to put his videos online. He got overwhelmingly good feedback, and decided to quit his full time job as a hedge fund analyst to work full time on online education. For more information, check out wikipedia.

I checked out the website, and the content is quite amazing. They have over 3,100 short videos (usually 5-15 min) teaching contents from elementary math, to art history and finance. Kahn’s style is very interesting and leisurely. You can learn and also get entertained. I always admire people who can teach and make it fun. There are also very interesting and creative videos like the doodling math on spirals and Fibonacci number. I probably learned Fibonacci number a number of times in my life. But watching this video makes the content unforgettable for the rest of my life. Technology is changing the world and the way we learn!